An egg incubator is a device that makes a perfect environment for an egg to hatch. The machine is made for the purpose of regulating incubation temperature and humidity level, which will be best for egg hatching.

The incubators from Eggtech company in Zambia can be used to hatch more eggs. If the hen has to incubate the eggs, it will not give eggs until the eggs are hatched. In this way, the business will lose chicks and that will be a loss for it. The hen will continue laying eggs if the eggs are continuously kept in the incubators. A hen hatches around 20 to 30 chicks each year but with the help of incubators, 300 chicks can be hatched per year.

If the hen will be allowed to hatch the eggs then there can be a problem of other animals that can harm the hen or the eggs. The egg incubator provided by Eggtech will take 21 days to let the egg hatch. The incubators will help the poultry business grow in this way as more chicks can be hatched from the eggs and the hen will also keep giving the eggs continuously.