The eggs sold in a grocery store are not fertile and are not useful for incubators. Incubators use fertile eggs for hatching. These eggs can be ordered from a hatchery or poultry farms. The fertilized eggs can be stored for seven days at the room temperature. They should not be stored in the refrigerator as it is very cold there for eggs. When the eggs are placed in the incubator, they take 21 days to hatch.

Setting up an incubator is very easy. It is a closed structure and a fan and a heater are installed in it. The heater is used to warm the appliance for 21 days. There are some automatic incubators available, which help in turning of eggs automatically as it is very critical for the development of the chick. The fan inside the device is used to distribute the heat.

In order to keep the eggs in the incubator, it should be prepared seven days before the arrival of the eggs. The incubator should be washed with bleach and then with soapy water and then it should be rinsed thoroughly.

After the device is completely dry, it should be switched on. On the first day, the eggs should be laid and then they should be turned for 18 days so that the chicks do not stick with the shell. The embryo develops on the 18th day and on the 21st day, chicks start hatching.