The incubated eggs need to be tested whether they are fertile or not. If the infertile eggs are there in the device, they can be easily found and put out so that the fertile eggs can be placed there. The test will not have any effect on the embryos in the fertile eggs.

The testing is necessary in order to eliminate the infertile eggs. If the testing is not done, then it can bring loss to the business. Surehatch provides many types of poultry equipment, which include incubators, hatchers, and testers, which the customers can buy easily.

The eggs take 21 days in order to hatch, and if the infertile eggs are kept for so many days and the result is nothing, then it is a loss. These infertile eggs can be discarded and sold for consumption as the eggs available in the grocery stores are infertile. In this way, most of the eggs kept in the incubator will be fertilized and will hatch.

The testers should be used after four to seven days of keeping the eggs in the incubator. The testing will show whether the embryo is being developed or it is dead. Such eggs can be discarded and new eggs can be put inside. In this way, the eggs can be tested and most of the eggs can yield chicks.