10 Ultimate Advantages Of Egg Incubator

Egg Incubator
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Want to invest in a poultry business farm? Well, as one of the largest and fastest growing businesses of the world poultry farming and hatching is a very profitable business venture if done efficiently and properly. With the increasing demand for protein worldwide hatcheries and poultry farmers can yield high-profit margins.

Developments of technology have proved to be a boon for the poultry farmers just like everybody else. To start a poultry business one is required to have some first-hand knowledge in the field of poultry farming and the rest is managed by technical equipment available in the market.

Nowadays they don’t have to depend upon hens and other poultry birds for the hatching of the eggs. To simplify and to accelerate the process of the hatching of the eggs there is a machine available in the market called egg incubators.

Before progressing any further, we will at first concentrate on the question that comes to the mind, what is an incubator? Theoretically speaking an incubator is a machine which artificially helps the eggs to hatch. But the process is not that simple as mentioned.

There are a number of conditions, aspects associated with the proper functioning of an incubator. An incubator can store and if needed can hatch eggs of chicken, duck, turkey and other birds

An egg incubator is known by a variety of names like egg breeding equipment, egg hatching machine, artificial incubators.

Now, let’s discuss how an incubator works. An incubator mainly consists of a motor and a fan to maintain the desired temperature and humidity. Eggs which are meant to be hatched are then placed in trays and are required to be turned few times a day.

Along with that, water is required to be added to maintain the necessary level of humidity. Maintaining the right temperature is another important key element for successful egg hatching. If the temperature is low the hatching period will be delayed or if the temperature is high the eggs will hatch faster and if the temperature is too low or too high it would kill the embryo present within the eggs.

Now let’s focus on the advantages an incubator can provide to the poultry farmer over the traditional method:

1) An incubator can hatch eggs of different species together or can hatch eggs only of a single species

2) The foremost aim of a hatchery or poultry owner is to produce good quality of birds which are healthy and well, to maximize the investment to profit ratio. An egg tech incubator has proved to be the more successful method than the traditional method of egg hatching. Traditionally a hen doesn’t lay any further eggs until and unless she hatches her earlier eggs completely.

3) In this method of hatching eggs through incubators, a hen can lay 10 to 12 times more eggs because the hatching requirement is now externally fulfilled, so the hen does not need to hatch the eggs personally.

4) It also reduces the threat of the eggs being destroyed because some time owing to various external factors like the hen might accidentally peck the eggs, the hen might get distracted and forgets to hatch the eggs.

5) An incubator not only increases the productivity rate of the eggs but also guarantee successful hatching of the eggs, which in turn accelerates the profit margin of the business houses.

6) In a manual incubator the eggs are needed to be turned manually and in the automatic one, the function is performed by the incubator itself. One who is in possession of a manual incubator must have adequate manpower because it is an absolute necessity for the eggs to be turned so that the chicks don’t stick to one side of the egg. So a manual incubator is advantageous for those who deal in a small number of eggs.

7) On the other hand, in an automatic one, the turning of the eggs need not be supervised and can be automatically regulated, hence profitable for large-scale production where it is impossible to turn the trays manually.

8) An incubator reduces the spreading of various parasites and diseases which may affect the chicks if incubated naturally.

9) Another advantage of having an incubator is that the farmer can keep eggs for hatching of different embryonic ages, from 3 to 6 age group.

10) There are incubators available in the market, which automatically turns the eggs to reduce the risk of forgetting.

A combination of hatcher and incubator provides the setting and hatching of the eggs together in one place.

As incubators are available in a number of sizes and capacities, they become a favorite tool for those who are new in the business of poultry farming. They can start with an incubator small enough to meet their requirement and at the same time can utilize the advantage of an artificial incubator rather than opting for traditional methodology.

Egg tech incubators in Zambia are the supplier of premium quality of egg incubators and other equipment needed for the poultry business. They built incubators for both large size commercial incubators as well as small incubators for small business houses.

Those who are new to this business of poultry egg tech incubators are the most recommended product for them. Zambia based eggtech incubators produce incubators of various sizes and of varying capacity. There are 2 shelves, 5 shelves, 7 shelves incubators of 1540 eggs capacity, of 1100 eggs capacity, of 660 eggs capacity as well as of 440 eggs capacity available, from which a poultry farmer can choose to depend upon his requirement and his business.

Egg tech incubators built both manual and automatically run equipment.  Egg tech incubators are also a supplier of brooding equipment for exotic birds, similarly of varying sizes and capacities.

Egg tech incubators are available at affordable prices suitable for both large and small size business ventures. They also provide free repairing service of the equipment to their customers and also offer a free training session to demonstrate how an egg tech incubator function, to their clients.

Along with that, they also provide guidance to their clients. Egg tech incubators supply their equipment worldwide. These incubators are built in such a way so that they provide a 100 percent success rate.

Thus, one can rightly conclude that Zambia has one of the leading producers of egg incubators catering to the worldwide need of consumers and strives to achieve one hundred percent success rate. They offer poultry farmers all of the advantages that can be gathered from using an artificial incubator.


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