Kamel Best Hatch incubator is a high-quality range of incubators and Hatchers.

Our incubators can be used for a wide range of poultry, game and wild eggs. We can customize all your incubating machinery needs.

Our "Africa" range of incubators is designed for use in very hot countries and has a built-in cooling system to prevent the eggs overheating. 

In every range, you have the option to choose different trays to incubate different types of eggs, from Chickens, Ducks, Quail, and large Quail. 

KAMEL Best hatch incubators are at the forefront in design, technology and build quality. We supply reliable, easy to use incubators that give very high hatch rates. The microprocessor controllers, motors, materials and electrical components used in the construction of our incubators are chosen for their quality, durability, and reliability.

They are specifically designed to be a high-quality product at a sensible price, they are not designed to be cheapest on the market. These are highly appreciated for their easy handling, long service life, maintenance free, perfect design and safe to use quality.

Our setters and hatchers offer the most advanced technology available with reduced maintenance expense throughout the life of the systems. Heat Recovery System Saves energy and money by utilizing heat energy from the incubation process to warm up or dehumidify ambient air for optimal hatchability

Our mission statement is “to remain a major supplier of agricultural solutions to the African Poultry Industry and Retail Sector, providing our Customers with the best cost, quality solutions that add value to their business while fulfilling the expectations of all our stakeholders”.

Visit our Show-Room on Cairo road Lusaka Now!!. Other Products are Village chicken feed, Herbal poultry medicine. Day Old Chicks, Kuroiler fertilized eggs, Setter trays and Hatchery trays, Probiotics, New castle, and fowl pox remedies etc.